Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A quick round up

Last chance for Burnley . . . .
Accomodation has now been booked for Burnley this weekend; but get in touch if you still want to come. It promises to be a top weekend.

Social in Rusholme . . . .
This Sunday there is a fundraising curry in Rusholme with Gerald Kaufman MP and Shahid Malik MP. 7pm at the Sanam restaurant on Wilmslow road. Get in touch if you want to go.

Super Saturday
Next Saturday there will be key seat campaigning in Manchester, get in touch to find out more. As well as the Burnage social in the evening. Tho, I appreciate the NOLS lot from Manchester will be fighting the good fight at national council. As I am a delegate I will be tied up in London but get in touch if you are around that weekend.

Youth conference
Basically Youth conference encompassing Young Labour and Labour Students is to be held in the New Year in Glasgow. This is the sovereign body of Young Labour and will elect the NEC Youth rep. Standing so far is Stephanie Peacock, the Young Labour womens officer. Check out her manifesto at I'll hand over now to Neil Bibby the chair of Young Labour who can tell you more about Youth conference.

I have great pleasure in confirming that the National Youth Conference will be taking place in Glasgow between Friday 16th and Sunday 18th February.

The venue will be the Crowne Plaza Hotel next to the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre on the River Clyde. This area is at the heart of the Clyde regeneration project and is a symbol of the work that a Labour Government and Labour Council have done in the City.

For more information about Glasgow please visit At the conference there will be a chance for young members to hear from high profile politicians, take part in policy forums and debates, sign up for training sessions and go to the many social events which are planned across the City.

I hope you will be able to put this event in your diary as it is sure to be a fantastic weekend. Any young member can attend Youth Conference but there may also be the opportunity to attend as delegate. Each CLP can send a delegate. Young Labour Groups, Labour Student Clubs and Trade Unions can also send delegates and they will be notified as to how many by the Labour Party. If your group is not notified by 10th December please call the Labour Party. Registration for the event will be available online in the next couple of days. I hope to see you all in Glasgow.

Regards, Neil

Neil Bibby Chair, Young Labour National Committee

Friday, November 24, 2006

Burnley - a special plea from your youth officer and the national secretary of Labour Students

Basically on 2nd/3rd of December loads of people in Young Labour will be going over to Burnley to campaign against the BNP and return a labour council accompanied by Kitty Ussher MP. It is 10:30-5:30 on the Saturday and 10-4:30 on the Sunday. There is no obligation to go for the whole weekend but accomodation and food will be provided free of charge courtesy of the top people at UNISON labour link. Also there will be a 'red' social on the Saturday night at Burnley FC. It promises to be a great weekend, with plenty of young people for an incredibly worthy cause. If you want to go you need to get back to me ideally by Monday. Email me at or give me a call or text on 07810 011771. I'll now let Kiran Mahil an ex Gorton CLP member and the current national secretary of labour students explain why this particular regional event is so important.

As Labour people, we believe passionately in equal rights for all. We believe that every citizen has the right to be treated with respect and that discrimination in all its forms is wrong. However, there are some that do not share these values; in fact they threaten their very existence.The BNP, with their divisive message are gaining electoral successes in some areas, particularly in the North West. That's why Labour Students have planned a campaign weekend in Burnley on 2-3 December to ensure that the local residents are aware of the positive work that Labour is doing in their area.

So lets have a high turnout from Manchester and show the BNP that them and their divisive message are not welcome in the North West.

Youth report for November

Very briefly . . . .
  • Thanks to all those who turned up to campaign in Fallowfield and Whalley Range. It was much appreciated. Oh and there is campaigning in Rusholme at 10am on Sunday morning. Get in touch if you fancy it.
  • There will be a further post on this but on 2nd/3rd December we will be fighting the BNP and campaigning to return a labour council in Burnley
  • We are looking at setting up a phone bank in conjunction with Labour students at the USDAW offices on Wilmslow road
  • There are loads of Youth conferences coming up in the new year, which we are working flat out to organise. These are Northern labour students conference, Northern Young labour conference, labour students annual conference and annual youth conference.
  • If you are a student there are now facebook groups for the labour party, labour students, manchester labour club, young labour, Rusholme branch labour party, labour students womens campaign and labour students disabled students campaign so click on the links, join and get involved.

Thats all for now. Take care and let me know if theres anything I can do. Oh and watch out for info on Burnley.

All the best, Adele, Gorton CLP Youth and Students officer

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thank you/organising in Rusholme

Just a brief round up to let you know what is coming up. I will publish my Youth report after the CLP GC on Tuesday. That reminds me if anyone has anything at all that they want bringing up just leave a comment or drop me an email.

A big thankyou . . . .
I would like to personally thank everyone who turned up to help for the labour students in the community event in Fallowfield and Whalley Range, particuarly those that stayed for the whole day. Your help was much appreciated and our relationship with labour students is looking stronger than ever. I'll attempt to get some photos up on the website soon.

Its all about Rusholme . . . .
This is not just partisan loyalty as I now live there but I have a few events to plug! On Wednesday 23rd November (this week) at 6pm we will be going leafleting in Rusholme so join us and lets kick start the campaign nice and early. Also on the 3rd December there will be a fundraising curry at 7pm with Gerald Kaufman MP and Shahid Malik MP, tickets are £15 and it promises to be a good evening. Also if you are a labour member as well as a student and live in Rusholme we have set up a facebook group so join it by clicking on this link and we'll keep you in touch with whats going on. If this turns out to be successfull, I'll look at doing it for other student dominated parts of the contituency so join and make it work. Get in touch via or find my phone no in the profile for meeting times and places for any of these events

Anything else don't hesitate to leave a comment or drop me an email. I am here to work for you and mainly make your time in Labour Manchester both a successfull and enjoyable one.

All the best, Adele, Gorton CLP Youth and Students Officer

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Manchester Labour Students/Young Labour in the community

This Saturday there will be a campaign day/day of fun in Gorton Constituency held in conjunction with Manchester Labour Students. It would be great to see as many people as possible out helping to keep Manchester Labour whilst having fun at the same time!!

Morning session
Meet in Fallowfield at 10:30am for leafleting or canvassing. The choice is yours.

Afternoon session
Meet in Whalley Range at 2pm to deliver direct mail. (Free food afterwards!)

And later on . . . .
Come and join us at Font bar by Oxford road train station for a 'few' drinks to wind down from a day of campaigning.

Get in touch if you need any more info on
I can give you exact meeting places and all that as well as whatever else you need to know.

All the best

Adele Reynolds, Gorton CLP Youth and Students Officer

Monday, October 30, 2006

Stoke Rochford Political weekend

2 weekends ago Manchester Labour Students went to Stoke Rochford for the annual political weekend where we met ministers, launched the priority campaign and generally had a good time and wound down after the by election.

Here is Alan Johnson in the process of being extensively lobbied by members of Labour Students on plans for faith schools, grammar schools and of course top up fees. He made some incredibly important points about the Governments plans for widening participation, which will ensure that more people in our constituency will get the chance to go to University.

If anyone would like to get further involved in labour students then check out the Manchester Labour Club website and the national Labour Students website. Feel free to drop Ciaran Waude the national chair an email at or email me on for anything specifically to do labour students in Manchester.